I wrote this article 24 hours after my favorite place after my home was destroyed by a criminal fire, still very shaken and shocked. Because it is also a tribute to this amazing place where my friends mostly speak english, I wrote it (as best as I could) for them to read it.

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More info on this tragic event : The Gazette article

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July 2015. After a few months trying to get pregnant, my boyfriend and I finally saw the so-wanted pink line on a pregnancy test. It was the best day of my mid-thirty life. We were so happy. As an extrovert person, I shortly told everybody, including my social media « friends ». I will remember forever the day that joy went away. I had been chosen to be an ambassador for heart disease event Gala de la Robe Rouge. This day, I was sitting on a white stool at the local TV station I worked at, filming my testimonial of why I got involved in this event as my baby was leaving my body. Without knowing it, I stood up and when in the director’s office, my friend Natacha, to talk about that young pregnancy and how good a news it was. I felt my upper legs very wet, but thought I was sweating from the faux-cuir chair I previously was sitting on and the very warm July weather. After a few minutes, since Natacha was a very close friend of mine, I apologized as I put my hand there. It was all red. I was panicked. She drove me to the hospital, thinking it would be the only place when they could do something. The rest is a very sad story that so many women face every day.

I got into a major depression for 2 years, a mental issue that was adding up to my borderline personality disorder I was diagnosed with in 2017. I ate my emotions for a long time. My boyfriend and I kept trying to conceive again, with no success, for close to 3 years. We took tests, nothing seemed wrong, but I was not getting pregnant. Getting close to our 40’s, we started accepting the fact that we wouldn’t be parents. In January 2017, resolution time, we both wanted to change our habits, as we got heavier. I got my wake-up call when the scale showed 200. But as for so many people, getting back in shape at the gym when you have to drive 15-20 minutes to get there and back every day on top of your training hour is not possible and/or motivating. I totally love living in Oka, but there is not much around here gym-wise.

couple training

Sometimes during march, I heard about a new crossfit gym on the reserve, 3 minutes from our home. I went for the trial week classes, a bit backwards, as I had only one bad experience with crossfit, that was enough for me to not like it, somewhere else obviously and a long time ago. It changed my life. Their way of doing it, respecting our limits as they encourage us to become better, their support, the motivation of a class, their competence, it was my new and 2nd favorite home. God did I have a hard time walking the days after classes in the beginning ! Pretty soon, my boyfriend and I started to see results. We got stronger, in better physical and mental health and so and so. As we were still hoping to become parents, I refused for those years to take medication for my mental disease, which was very very hard on myself but my lover also. Crossfit was my medicine. Really. And, at the end of July the same year, after 4 months of training with an engagement (toward ourselves) of 5 times a week, as I was proudly taking care of myself, felt good and healthy, our daughter was conceived. I am sure that crossfit helped make space in my body, my head as my life to make my baby-to-come feel welcomed. At the same time my boyfriend’s dad passed away from cancer, we found out we would welcome life 40 weeks later. I could write another paper on how crossfit helped him with his grieving.

tuque KCF Kanehsatake CF KCF IMG_7534

Mat, Julie Anne and SP were the first people to know for my pregnancy, for obvious « security » (health) reasons, as there was no way I was gonna stop training. I was accompanied my whole pregnancy by them. I only took 11 pounds during my pregnancy (which was not a goal but still was very nice). I worked out on Wednesday may 2nd. The next day, my doctor induced me at lunch time, in a not planned stripping. The first thing I said was : I am training at 3:30 can I still go ? Our baby was born on the morning of may5th. Even before she was born, we stated planning how the family schedule would work, the gym was so important in our life. It is a strong bond for us to train together, to share that passion. I was supposed to wait 3 months  to come back to the gym since I had a C-Section, but went back after 7 weeks. During my pregnancy, people kept telling me my training would make by delivery easier. So wrong ! But I had an extremely good and fast recovery from an emergency C-Section and I am convinced it was because of my healthy and fit condition.

CF baby crossfit moms

Very soon, we started going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week with baby. At first, she was pretty much sleeping the whole hour. She never EVER cried from the class dropping heavy bars. We were laughing that our baby was sleeping on death metal music. But we are sure she knew the environment so well from being there so often when she was in my belly. She kept growing up, and everybody was talking to her, taking her in their arms, entertaining her as mom and dad trained. I don’t know many owners of crossfit gyms who welcome babies like this. Samuelle is not the only baby to spend time there, by the way.

I could write so many other papers on how KCF got our English so much better, opened us to another culture, gave us some amazing friends, motivates us daily, with quotes on the walls, on social media, on how the 1st in-house competition was a perfect day all together, on the summer BBQ where we all got to know each other differently, on how I learned a new sport, on how proud I am my legs are so strong, on how I know the way my body works better, on how I manage my mental illness so much better, on how my back pain went pretty much away… This is why my baby girl is a Kanehsatake Crossfit baby.

This is why it is not just a gym.


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